How about these?

Metal RSCA keychain, in purple and white, that you can also use as a bottle opener. On the front of this Anderlecht keychain, which is shaped into  a jersey and short, you can find RSCA and the number 12.


Black RSCA 3D cushion with white Anderlecht logo.


RSCA softball in purple and white with Anderlecht logo.


RSCA x PATTAT Stickerpack.


RSCA minikit to use in the car. With the suction cup you can easily attach the purple mini kit to your car window. Logo of Anderlecht is on the shorts on the frontside. On the back of the jersey is RSCA and number 12.


Metal RSCA pin with the Anderlecht logo in color.


As a real Anderlecht fan, complete your shirt with this golden RSCA Pin.


The RSCA cuddly bear is indispensable in the bedroom of the little Anderlecht fans. The height of the cuddly bear is 30 cm.


Purple multifunctional RSCA scarf. You can also use this scarf as a neck warmer, hat, mask, hairband and wristband.


Support your favorite team in the stadium or at home with this RSCA block scarf. Anderlecht's logo is embroidered on both ends of this purple and white scarf.