How about these?

Size: XL
Set of 2 RSCA boxer shorts for men in the typical colors of Anderlecht.


Size: 140
Grey RSCA sweater for girls who support Anderlecht. RSCA is written in an italic font on this crewneck sweater.


Size: 152
Grey RSCA sweater for kids. RSCA is embroidered in purple & white, the typical Anderlecht colours, on the front of this sweater.


Size: 164
Comfortable dark blue RSCA sweatpants for the Anderlecht kids. These sweatpants are perfect for those who want to work out or hang in the couch. On the right side of the pants you'll find RSC in gold and Anderlecht in white. On the left side you'll find RSCA in an X form.


Size: 164
White RSCA t-shirt for kids with photo of the Lotto park. We Are Anderlecht is printed on the photo with purple filter.


Be ready for the cold during games of Anderlecht this winter with this RSCA reversible hat for children. This hat can be turned around perfectly so you have 2 different hats.


Size: 3XL
Have yourself a purple-white Christmas with this RSCA Christmas sweater. Purple sweater with white Christmas accents.


Size: 38/40
Pack with 2 pairs of RSCA socks: a black pair of socks with the Anderlecht logo and two stripes in white and a purple pair of socks with mauves pattern. Available from size 38.


Size: M
Grey RSCA t-shirt for women. On the front of the t-shirt you see both Anderlecht, RSCA, 1908 and 2 ribbons in purple.


Size: XXL
The quirky clothing collection Mauff found its way to our Webshop. This unique brand was created by a group of diehard RSCA supporters. This black RSCA sweater with Mauff letters is a must-have for the real supporters of Anderlecht. It's a pleasure for us as a club to be offering their creations to fellow supporters. We All Are Anderlecht! We Are... Mauff!