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This scarf celebrates the club's Brussels identity. The old Brussels iris takes center stage on the white scarf.


Bucket-hat with Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht embroided


Size: XS
From a young age, Anthony Vanden Borre represented all the audacity and playful flair that our capital’s football stands for. An artist with golden feet. One who was sometimes met with incomprehension, but always managed to inspire. Le beau jeu. This was also the case on March 16, 2014. This T-shirt celebrates an iconic moment in Sporting’s football history. 10 years ago, Antho received the ball along the line during a 4-0 lead against KV Oostende in the Park. He looked around, stood on the ball, and played along. BX. We celebrate 10 years of audacity and flair. With a limited edition T-shirt in high-quality cotton on which his moment is immortalized. For the love of the game.


RSC Anderlecht scarf features the RSCA crest on both sides.


Ideal for your early breakfast, this purple and white mug features the initials RSCA and the RSC Anderlecht Crown.


Purple et white scarf, features the RSC Anderlecht logo on both sides.


Ideal for games with family or friends, discover this mauve and white ball bearing the RSC Anderlecht logo.


Make your Ket a real Mauve. For 15 euros, he/she will be officially Mauve Ket of the most beautiful club in the country for a whole year.Exclusively for the youngest Sporting fans: Mauve Ket is the membership for all RSCA fans aged 3 to 12. You will receive a unique welcome pack containing : a Mauve Ket supporter scarf a special Mauve Ket water bottle a free Walibi ticket worth 45 euros a unique Mauve Ket pennant  And that's not all. As a Mauve Ket : you can participate in Player for a day meet your favourite players at a training session get the chance to walk on the field with the players and you’ll also be invited to other exclusive experiences Purchased a MAUVE Ket membership? You will receive a confirmation email with a unique code. Then log in to, go to MAUVE memberships and enter the code you received in your confirmation email.For more info go to


Size: 2XL
Lifestyle Collection 100% Cotton. Black hoodie with a classy, sober "RSCA" embroidery on the heart and a circle design logo on the back.


Size: S
Lifestyle Collection 100% Cotton. Purple hoodie with a classy, sober "RSCA" embroidery on the heart and a circle design logo on the back.